Up until a few years ago, I thought GO, GO, GO, HUSTLE HUSTLE, HUSTLE, was the only way I could make my business work. 

Even though business was doing well, I was unfilled and super lonely. I stopped taking care of myself. I was totally out of alignment with my body.

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So I hired an awesome coach and got to work figuring out who I was, what I needed in my life, and how I could best honor my energy (daily yoga and meditation are now musts for me) to get results. 

Today, I work less and earn a great income. My days feel more intentional and aligned, and I have time for things I enjoy. I also know what opportunities to pass on, what clients I'm not a match for, and why. 

Now, I help entrepreneurs (like you) make the same, soulful transition.

I'm best at figuring out how your gifts, talents and experiences all fit together to create a business and brand that you genuinely love, and that brings you financial freedom

oh, and one more thing: I believe business is a spiritual practice.

I also believe you can have a business that is fully aligned with your purpose, makes a difference in the world, and brings you financial freedom without sacrificing your happiness.

You are worthy and deserving of having it all -- and you can start right NOW. 

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the brand evolution

My most favorite thing ever. It's a business plan designed around the life you want. (Created with a ton of ease and grace.) Think extended trips to Bali, more time for afternoon yoga, or finally taking up that passion project.  

By the end, my clients realize they no longer have to sacrifice everything to have what they want. Instead, they: 

Are working less hours, earning more money, and doing meaningful work they LOVE (ahhhh finally!)

Wake up feeling inspired and excited for the day -- no more dreading their inbox thinking "Ugh, what now??" 

Finally feel like it's ALL FLOWING TOGETHER -- all the pieces of their business and brand have finally clicked in. No more self-doubt, fear or second guessing! 

Have fallen head-over-heels in love with their biz again and are INSPIRED to share their work with the world! 

So, why choose me and not another amazing coach?


1. this isn't just a business or brand makeover.

Nope. Think of it as a lifestyle upgrade. We start with your passions and desires, and reverse-engineer from there to create a business that feels really good. Sure my process is a little outside-the-box, but that's what makes it all the more awesome. Also, it really, really, works. 

2. i'm one part business expert, one part life-coach, and one part energy Worker.

Meaning, I'll guide you through the big, juicy, soul-searching questions needed to do the deep work, while also giving you my direct, no-nonsense, expert opinion for your business, brand, and marketing strategies. 

3.  I'm legit, and I know my stuff. 

I've been doing this work for 12+ years and have invested close to $100K in my education so you don't have to. From earning my Masters Degree in branding and marketing from USC, to sharpening my skills in countless courses, masterminds, and with the best coaches in the world.

4. I've been where you are. 

Seriously, I get it. I've earned BIG bucks, and I've lost it all (then earned it again.) I've been excited about my business, only to spiral back down to feeling stuck, depressed and unsure about what I was doing. I felt disconnected from myself and from source (aka God, or the Universe - depending on your beliefs) and everything I did felt hard. It wasn't until I finally walked my talk, and started to lead with my dreams, goals and desires, that everything started flowing. Now I'm here to help you do the same. 

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get to know me! (fun facts)

  • I'm super woo. Believer in miracles, the power of intention, and past lives. 

  • I have a Masters Degree in branding and marketing from USC (go Trojans!) and studied writing at UC Riverside and Yale. 

  • Also, I'm feminist AF (which for me, simply means I believe in equal rights for all.) 

  • Biggest guilty pleasure? Reality TV. Except the Bachelor. Never the Bachelor.  

  • My podcast The Brand Ambition is a passion project of mine and was even named "one of the 9 most inspiring shows for female entrepreneurs" by

  • I'm a certified reiki practitioner and have been known to throw in some healing energy to client sessions every now and then when the moment calls for it ;)