2 more strategies to boost your productivity today

I recently wrote here about 3 strategies that have been helping me recover from a productivity slump.

Since writing that post, I've started experimenting with a couple more ways to boost my productivity and work flow. While #1 is a little hard for me to stick to regularly, it definitely helps when I'm feeling overwhelmed. #2 on the other hand is an absolute must, every day of the week. 

1. Work in 1-hour "sprints" on one thing at a time. 

On days when I'm feeling extra antsy and prone to distraction, I set my timer for one hour and choose just one task to focus on during that time. Sometimes it won't be a task, but a general category, like "sound editing" or "website design". Once the hour is up, I either take a break or move onto something different.

Why I love it: Knowing that I'm working against the clock helps my brain stay focused, and even motivates me to work a little faster than normal. Total win-win. 

2. Keep a special notepad for "runaway" ideas. 

Sometimes it feels like my creativity has no filter. As soon as I get into a creative groove, I start getting flooded with ideas for all sorts of (often unrelated) projects and blog posts. To help me stay focused on the task at hand, I now keep a dedicated notepad next to my computer to jot down any ideas I want to revisit later. 

Why I love it: No matter how many times I think I'll remember an idea, I will always forget it. This system not only helps me save my ideas for later, but it keeps me from chasing down every creative spark I get. Plus, taking time to look over my notepad each evening is not a bad way to end the day. 

Did you find this helpful? Now your turn - I'd love to hear what strategies you use to keep yourself motivated and productive. XO