3 strategies to boost your productivity today

I feel like no matter how many times I try to master productivity, every few months I need a refresher. Inevitably, I fall into a productivity slump, and once again find myself searching online for the best ways to stay focused throughout the day. 

Having recently gone through one of these very slumps, I've been relying on these 3 strategies to pull me out:

1. Work without (online) distractions. 

I don't know about you, but it's just too easy for me to do something really productive and then reward myself by checking out social media, reading blogs, or by doing some very unproductive online shopping. 

If you're anything like me, try using Cold Turkey to break the cycle. Just download it and you can set up temporary blocks for sites you'll be tempted to visit. It's torture but also awesome. 

2. Decide on just 3 goals for the day.

Every night, I write down 3 goals I need to get done the next day. The idea is, if I do just these, it will be a meaningful and productive day. Anything else I get done is icing on the cake. This super simple strategy not only helps me feel less overwhelmed, but surprisingly, it has also forced me to do a better job of prioritizing my week. 

 3. Get your morning momentum.

Even though I'm a night owl, I get a definite surge of energy when I tackle the important stuff first thing in the morning. That list of 3 items mentioned above? Try getting them done before noon. There's something really nice about not having important tasks hanging over your head all day.  

I hope you found this helpful. Now it's your turn - Got a favorite productivity tip? See something on my list that you're willing to try? Please share in the comments below. XO