3 tips for creating the perfect elevator pitch


Are you struggling to explain what you do? 

Do networking events make you cringe?

Do you kinda hate being asked about your business, because you're not really sure what to say?

Girl, I hear you. I've been there. And I think this video will help. 

Watch as I share 3 of my fave tips for creating a brand statement (also known as an "elevator pitch"), that is clear, simple and super engaging (no matter who you're talking to!) 

And here's a little insider secret about how I created my coaching practice: I landed my FIRST clients way before I had a website, an email list, a podcast or even a major online presence. All because I had a SUPER CLEAR message, and I shared it with literally everyone I knew.

Soon, my client roster was filled with: My hairstylist, my yoga teacher, my physical therapist, and even the owners of my favorite bakery and clothing store. I never pitched any of them; I just casually worked in my brand message during conversation, (with plenty of genuine excitement.)

The lesson here: Being able to speak about your brand in a clear and inspiring way--at the drop of a hat!--is how the pros grow their business and land allllll the clients. Don't let these little opportunities (or sometimes BIG ones) pass you by because you can't find the right words to describe your magic.  

One last thing: Just because you might be struggling to EXPLAIN what you do, doesn't mean you're any less of an expert. You are gifted beyond measure. No matter what season of life you're in. Nothing can disqualify you from your soul work. XO

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