Uninspired by your content? Here's how to get back into the flow

Instead of typical "content marketing," which can feel like a black hole of uninspired, draining and salesy posts and articles, I often ask clients to try what I call "speak from the heart moments."

Basically, finding a way to get out your message that is quick, sincere and well, from the heart. 

I'll go over exactly how to do this in a minute 

Here's why these "speak from the heart moments" tend to kick ass: 

Once you turn on the flow of creating content -- content that's connected to your true desires/passions/life purpose -- you're basically tapping into the deepest well of creativity you have. At least for me and my clients who've tried it, the ideas just keep coming. 

It's kind of like what Marianne Williamson says in her book, The Law of Divine Compensation: "I am the faucet and god is the water." Once you turn on the tap, if you will, everything else will flow. 

If you struggle with "batching" your content (i.e. writing like 10 pieces in one sitting, which you'll drip out over several weeks), or if you struggle with keeping a super-structured content calendar, this is a great option for you.

These quickie moments you share are not only heartfelt and sincere, which your audience will LOVE, but you can go back and harvest these posts for longer blog articles and newsletters later. 

oh, One more thing

When I decided to start speaking from the heart in my business (and stopped writing only stuff I thought I should), I started parking all of my quickie ideas in my blog. It was rough. I had maybe 200 article drafts by the time I was done, and while each had a clear and important message, they felt incomplete as blog posts. They needed editing and formatting. I felt inclined to send them to my editor even if they were short little ramblings. It was kind of a disorganized mess. 

As soon as I moved over to Instagram, it changed the game.

One of my fave clients and friends, Kelsey J. Patel, had a similar experience. When inspired by some divine message, she needed a fast way to get it out to clients that didn't involve her logging into her blog. We set her up with her Instagram account and she was off and running. You can scope out the magic of her account here, which was recently featured on the ZOE Report

now your turn

This whole concept is also known as microblogging. To create similar magic in your business as Kelsey and others, just decide on one social media platform that you enjoy, and that allows you to express your ideas quickly:

Platforms that work well:

  • Instagram
  • Snapchat (if you save the videos)
  • Facebook

Platforms that are a little harder, but feel free to try

  • Twitter (because of character limitations.)
  • Email newsletter (unless you're comfy creating super informal newsletters without sending to an editor first.)
  • Blog (same reason as above. Your blog articles should be thoughtful and edited. Plus the longer format invites too much pressure for perfection.)

Now, give yourself permission to create posts quickly. As soon as inspiration strikes, post your idea and share it. 

Also, remember: Your content does not always have to be connected to your work. Instead, use these quickie moments to give your audience a peek into your world, and into the things that inspire you and light you up.  

I hope you found this helpful. I'm curious: Which social media platform do you use most, or are now willing to try? Anything I missed? I would love to hear from you. XO