Blog Redesign: My new plan of attack

Earlier this year, I hit a major wall when it came to my blog. 

As I had built up my fancy website, somehow my blog got pushed into a corner, becoming an afterthought in every way possible.

The problem? Writing is my first love. It's what got me into this biz in the first place. Not doing it, at least not regularly, had me feeling disconnected, frustrated and weirdly resentful. 

Now that I'm rebranding myself, I've decided to turn everything on its head and make my blog my ENTIRE FOCUS. Everything else will be secondary. While I'm excited, I'm also a bit nervous. Here's a quick rundown of what's to come:

The Blog Plan of Attack

The new schedule: I'm going to try daily blog posts. Monday-Friday. I know, I know. This approach seems a little bit vintage now and even quaint in the blogging world, since most daily bloggers have either given up due to the insane schedule, or have achieved massive success and now have TEAMS of writers. But, there's something about showing up every day (yes, I plan on actually writing daily rather than batching everything) that I feel I need right now. This will probably be a temporary arrangement, enough to hopefully get me back into the flow.

The new length: Short and snappy posts, unless major inspiration strikes. Example: Instead of writing a post with 10 tips, I might just write about 1 or 2 tips. This will keep things manageable for me, and hopefully more enjoyable for readers. 

The name of my blog: No name. You really don't need a separate blog name if you're branding under your personal name. I did consider using the name of my podcast, The Brand Ambition, but I thought it might confuse things. For now, I'll keep the two separate (although my podcast episodes will still be available from my website).

How the blog ties into my newsletter:  This is something I've been wrestling with quite a bit. I'm just not sure my subscribers will dig daily emails. But, like I tell my clients, everything is worth trying at least once. You just never know. If I don't do daily emails, another option is to email a roundup of the most popular posts and podcast episodes from the week. 

New series: Even thinking about "blog series" feels so 2008 to me, when blogging was just simpler and the thought of making big bucks as a blogger wasn't even conceivable. But again, these days I'm craving the nostalgia of simpler times. This feeling of simplicity is also a big part of my rebrand. Given that, here are a few blog series I'm kicking around: 

Brand Crasher (or Brand Crush): 

5 Good Links (or Stuff I love): 

Brand Therapy: 


Sunday Inspiration: 

3 Things: 

My team: I have a copywriter/editor in Kenya (this makes me feel super global) and my podcast editor in the lovely midwest. Unrelated but worth mentioning: I also hired a writing coach (she lives in Canada) and we Skype every week. While she's helping me with a novel I'm working on, (just writing that makes me feel so excited), I can see the affects of working with her in my blogs, too.

Are you working on a rebrand of your own? Got a question or comment to share? Feel free to post it below. XO