Your guide to brand photo shoots w/ Alecia Lindsay


Today we're talking about brand photoshoots with photographer Alecia Lindsay.

There are two things I want you to know about today's show:

First, we're going to cover pretty much everything you need to know about planning your next photo shoot, from how to hire the right photographer to the specific types of angles and shots you'll want to get for your website.  

Second, I want you to know that brand photo shoots can be pricey.

I've booked several shoots over the years with different photographers, and I can't recall ever spending less than $2,000 each time. 

While these shoots can be a great investment, if you don't have the cash for something like this, don't despair. There is never a need to overspend or go into debt to build your personal brand.

In a few upcoming shows, I'll share a few budget-friendly alternatives for ways to build an online business and brand you're proud of that won't break the bank.

Until then, this episode is perfect for anyone who is curious about high-end brand photoshoots, or is preparing for an upcoming shoot and wants to make sure they get all the shots they need to elevate their website.