Feeling blocked? A lesson from Lady Gaga.

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A few years back, I remember being hit by a huge "ah-ha" moment while watching one of Lady Gaga's interviews. To paraphrase: 

When asked how she came up with the artistic, avant-garde performance style she is known for, Lady Gaga said her entire career changed -- and her signature style was born -- the minute she decided to stop doing what everyone else was doing, and start doing the type of shows she'd want to see. 

For me, the lightbulb moment was big and bright. Whether or not you're into Lady Gaga, shouldn't this be what we all do? Create the stuff (the blog, the Youtube show, the podcast, the whatever) that we would want to subscribe to, watch, read or listen? 

I mean, if you wouldn't want to watch your Youtube show, why should anyone else? 

I've written here about my favorite way to figure out which content channel is right for you (hint: it's all about following the fun) but when it comes to actually writing the blog posts, or recording the videos or podcast episodes, it's easy to get stuck.

Sure, you may have figured out that writing is your jam, but now that you're staring at a blank screen, it's a different story.

In these "what do I do now?" moments, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and defeated before you even start.  

Instead of packing up your laptop and going home, try asking yourself this: What would I really enjoy finding online, or receiving in my inbox tomorrow? What would help me, brighten my day, or make me feel more inspired? 

Because, FYI, if you would enjoy it, chances are your audience will too. 

Now, your turn: How do you deal with writers block or content creating overwhelm? This is a huge problem for all online entrepreneurs, so if you have a favorite tip, please share with us in the comments below! XO

PS. I recorded this episode in 2015. So happy she's released new music since then! Naturally felt like I needed to include her album cover for the blog post art.