Have your subscribers gone "missing"? Try doing what the Huffington Post did.

I got the best email last week from the Huffpost. 

Email subject line: It's not the same without you. 

Maybe not the most original, but it still got me to click open. Inside? A photo of Rob Burgandy from Anchorman

Totally cracked me up. Apparently, I haven't been opening up the emails they've been sending, so they sent me this little SOS. Instead of sending a sappy or serious "We really miss you. We've been sending emails but you're not opening them" type of email (I hate those), they caught me off guard with a laugh. 

So smart, right? 

Then, below the massive Ron Burgandy video, they offered some value with a "here's what you been missing" recap of all the articles I haven't opened.  

Before I knew it, I was happily clicking away on their website...exploring what I had missed.

So how can you use this strategy? Simple: 

Just about every email marketing platform these days (mailchimp, constant contact, etc.) allows you to see which of your subscribers haven't opened your last few emails.

use this data to send a short and friendly (even funny) email checking in with your subscribers who have "gone missing". 

Possible subject lines: "Haven't seen you for a while - we cool?" or a simple "Just checking in." Or even this popular one: "It's not the same without you."  

Then make sure you have the "unsubscribe" button in big bold letters within your email, just in case. 

Here's why: If they're not into what you have to say, it's better that they're off your list, so make it easy for them to unsubscribe. The more people you have on your list who aren't opening your emails, your emails will start looking like SPAM and will start going to EVERYONE'S SPAM FOLDER. No bueno. 

Clearing your list every few months is a great way to prevent this. Doing it with a little humor and personality is even better.

How do you plan on checking in with your subscribers? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below! XO

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