How to use holidays in your marketing

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Have you ever wondered whether or not it was cool to email your list on a holiday? If so, you're not alone. I actually get this question A LOT from my clients. Here's my short answer:
Holidays (big or small, doesn't matter) present at least 3 juicy opportunities to email your list. Depending on what you have going on, you can take advantage of all of them.
And the best part? Your email doesn't even have to be about the holiday itself. That's right. Just think about alllllll the ways a holiday might impact your customer (Traffic? Days off work? Spending time with loved ones?) These are all "moments" you can reference and even create wonderful, engaging campaigns around.
To help drive this point home, here's a quick example I whipped up just for you: 
Pretend Biz: Day Spa | Holiday: Christmas/Hanukkah (or any holiday, really)

  1. Pre-Holiday Email: Before cooking, decorating & gifts, why not enjoy 60-minutes of bliss? Our new massage menu is spectacular. 
  2. Holiday Email (day of): Season greetings! Our 5 best tips for DIY relaxation before, during & after any holiday.
  3. Post-Holiday Email: Is a little "me" time in order? Save $20 on your next visit. 

See what I did there? Okay, to recap my holiday email marketing tips:  

  • Worried about "bothering" your customers on a holiday? Stop it. Stop it now.
  • As long as you're providing VALUE and/or JOY, you're golden. 
  • Well-wishes, tips, inspiration, limited-time promotions, it all works!
  • You've got at least 3 perfect email opps: 1) Pre-Holiday, 2) Holiday, 3) Post-Holiday
  • You know your people best. Take my tips and adapt them to YOUR AUDIENCE. 

So there you have it, guys. A few of my favorite ways to use holidays to build strong customer relationships. Got a question about building better relationships with your potential clients and customers? Share in the comments below! XO