My take on Professionalism v. Perfectionism

I've talked about the importance of getting stuff out the door quickly. 

Perfectionism v. Professionalism (aka your best self) 


Perfectionism = Putting off the writing you know you should be doing because you're not in the mood. Your office is too dirty. You're not in the zone. Your favorite table at the coffee shop is taken. 

Professionalism = Setting a deadline and getting to work. Making the decision to put in your best effort, and nothing more, regardless of circumstances. 


Perfectionism = spending a week or longer outlining and developing a single blog post, laboring over the layout, editing and writing style because you want to be taken seriously and think it needs to compare to the likes of Vogue. 

Professionalism = Writing as quickly as you can, then spending an hour or two thoughtfully editing to make sure your message is clear, and there are no typos. 


Perfectionism = Obsessing over your hair, makeup and outfit for your video, to the point that you record and then re-record yourself again and again because you don't look perfect enough.

Professionalism = You spend time clarifying your MESSAGE, making sure you have a clear point to make that will help people and also is aligned with your brand.


Perfectionism = You put off making videos until you have the perfect background. You spend money you don't really have on fancy backdrops, camera equipment and lighting. 

Professionalism = You use what you have, checking the lighting and sound to make sure people can see and hear yo before you press record.

Perfectionism = Wasting an hour or more deciding on the perfect stock image for your blog post.

Professionalism = Spending a few thoughtful minutes making sure the stock image ties into your post and general vibe of your brand, and if you're purchasing it, making sure it's in your budget. 


Perfectionism = Delaying your newsletter by a week or longer because it just doesn't feel "right" - it's not perfect and you're scared people will unsubscribe. 

Professionalism = Giving your email newsletter one more look over, to make sure there aren't typos and the formatting is easy to read and makes sense. Even sending yourself a test email to make sure it's the way you want it.


Get the idea? It kind of drives me a little nuts when I see people rushing to get things out that are super sloppy. It shows that you don't really know what you're doing, or don't care to tend to finishing touches. 

Imagine if you went into a restaurant and the menu was full of typos, with prices mismatched and items were on the menu that they actually no longer served. It would be off-putting, right? How confident would you be that the food would be any good?