My #1 tip for simplifying your online marketing

Ever feel overwhelmed by social media marketing?

Here's my absolute favorite tip for simplifying the whole darn thing... and turn something you might dread doing (i.e. marketing yourself....) into something that actually feels fun.

Because believe it or not, your marketing strategy really needs to feel easy, inspiring and natural for you.

Not only will this help you keep it up (consistency really is everything), but believe me when I say your audience wants to see you enjoying yourself. They can actually feel the fun you're having....or not having. 

So as soon as marketing starts to feel like some kind of heavy, awful homework assignment, it's time to either a) rethink your approach (ex: is there a way to make it fun and inspiring again? maybe change your posting schedule? shift topics?) or, b) ask yourself what you actually enjoy doing (ex: maybe getting in front of a camera? writing? sharing photos?) and find the platform that supports that

With all my love,


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