Struggling to create content? Try this.

Man. A few months back I got into a major content rut. Everything seemed like a ton of work, and soon, I started putting it all off to watch Housewives reruns.

That meant no emails, no blogs, no podcasts, no posts on Instagram or Facebook....I went totally dark.

Guilt Trips + Excuses

And after beating myself up about it, which only made me put it off more, I realized the one thing really holding me back was that I had made everything too complicated.

I had created multiple newsletters, and a podcast format that took forever to record and then edit, I had no real plan for social media, and nothing ever felt really very good. 

The guilt-tripping I was doing to myself didn't help, either. This literally went on for months you guys.

The Solution

To get myself out of this rut -- because, after all, your content is the soul of your business -- I came up with a personal challenge: I would make everything bite-sized. Super short, super simple. It felt lighter already.

Specifically, I decided to keep my newsletter to 100 words or less, and my solo podcast episodes to under 5 minutes. 

Honestly, knowing that I had only 100 words to work with 1) kept me from feeling overwhelmed and 2) challenged me to get to the point faster. Basically, to be better.  

And something else happened. My audience responded. They ate it up. 

Nobody ever refused to read something because it was too short.
— Marie Forleo

This week, try this: 

consider How you can make your content more bite-sized, and easy to consume?  

Look for ways to shorten and simplify: Can you cut the time or word count? Just share one tip, instead of your usual three?  

A note of caution: This isn't about creating less content, but about making the content so easy to create you can either 1) start making more of it or 2) just do it more consistently. 

And don't forget to have fun with it.

In a sharing mood? Tell me how you plan to cut down your content in the comments below, because I'd love to hear about it! XO

One last tip

If you loooove creating long content, try breaking up your longer stuff into a mini email course that people can sign up to receive in their inbox.

Each week (or day), set up your email automation to drip out one new lesson. 

Not only are your subscribers more likely to make time for it (since they subscribed), but it's also a great way to grow your list.