A note about Birthdays, Friendship and Receiving alllll the Good

I have so much to say about this, you guys.

For now, a recap of what you should know:

This birthday was hard for me. It was my second birthday without my mom.

And whatever the reason, it brought up a lot of stuff. 

But, it was also kinda incredible, thanks to my amazing friends. Like Ashley (see video) who "kidnapped" me in the AM and took me to one of the cutest little matcha cafes I've ever seen in my life. (Then we went shopping, obvs.) 

Not only did I feel sooooo much gratitude that day (and throughout my bday week), but for me, it was also exercise...and an opportunity.... to be more present, be more open and be more willing to receive. It also reminded me that I am 100% worthy of all the goodness and love coming my way, even when I'm hurting. Or feeling anxious. Or feeling like an unworthy, hot mess. 

So I recorded this little message, from my heart to yours on this special day. I hope it resonates, and if nothing else, encourages you to open your heart just a little wider to the love, blessings and goodness coming to you, right now. 

With all my love,