This literally happens to me every time I set a goal

When you get the call, will you be ready?

I swear this happens to me all the time. Well maybe not weekly, but enough times that I've learned my lesson.

Have you heard of upper limit problems? You know, when you're about to break through an upper limit of your life, into a new exciting phase of your life, and you face all sorts of "am I ready?!?" fears?

Well I'm talking about an upper limit push, if you will.

Here's how it works: I decide I want to do something, or be something "I want to do more public speaking. Yeah, great idea." And then, out of no where I get a call from some amazing group to fly me to some amazing place to do a presentation. 

So much gratitude, but also, panic. I have nothing ready. I don't have like, canned presentations or a file of decks I can just browse through for this event. I have to create everything from scratch.

This happened when I first decided to go into business, when I decided to hire a team, when I decided to travel to Paris for my first international coaching session. 

The people show up. The opportunities show up. Then it's my turn.

What are you wanting in your life?

And if it were to knock on your door tomorrow, would you be ready? 

BEcause oymygod every time this happens I kick myself a little for not just starting sooner.

A nice little side note to this, is that stuff doesn't take as long as you think to prepare. For instance if someone like Oprah or Ellen called tomorrow and wanted you to do your thing for their audience tomorrow, I'm guessing you'd figure it out, right? 

Try applying a little, gentle pressure on yourself now. Whip stuff up. Be ready for the knock, or call, cause it's coming ;)