Try asking yourself this when you're online

I consume a lot of content each day and sometimes, I notice my emotions get tied up with what I'm reading or watching. 

When you begin to put yourself out there, it's almost like you've decided to push yourself in an entirely new way, and it's an emotional ride for sure.

A simple thing you can do to help safeguard your emotions is simply by practicing awareness. Try to remember to check in with yourself when you're scrolling through a new blog, or listening to a podcast or even watching TV. How does the stuff you consume make you feel? Make a mental note.

I'm  a big reality TV junkie. But I started to notice that a few of the shows left me feeling completely dejected and depressed afterwards. I don't drive a maserati and my mom isn't managing my million-dollar career. It was a small thing, but I noticed after one show that I turned it off and everything just looked drabby and old around me. No gratitude. 

On the opposite end, I stumbled upon the blog of an old friend - someone I had known in grade school. I anticipated cringing a little - don't ask me why - as I scrolled through her site, but as I read a few blog posts, which focused on faith and family, I noticed I actually felt lighter, happier, appreciative. 

It's important that you feel creative, content and gratitude, and sometimes a small thing you can do is censor that content you consume. Don't let curiosity get in the way.