Want to improve your Instagram feed? Try finishing this one sentence

I’m a big fan of using the simplest strategies - like easy questions and fill-in-the-blank sentences - whenever possible to get more clarity about my business, my brand, or the content I create. 

The other day, I dusted off this oldie but goodie when I started feeling a little down about my Instagram. I don’t have a tremendous amount of followers, and in the last few months, my feed has started to feel particularly stagnant. 

Admittedly, this isn’t a big surprise. While I love working on Instagram strategies for clients (check out of my favorite rockstar students here!) I often neglect my own account. 

Since I'd like to give it some big love in 2017, I thought this little exercise was the perfect place to start. here’s the sentence I challenged myself to finish: 

I want to be your go-to Instagram feed when __________________. 

Notice that I say “your” instead of just “the” go-to Instagram feed. This simple word choice suddenly puts me right where I need to be: In front of my audience. Instead of thinking about this exercise in some abstract way, it helps me feel like I’m talking directly to a subscriber, and thinking only about her needs and interests.

When it comes to what you put out on social media, that's the only thing that matters - addressing the needs and interests of your target audience. If you'd like to dive deeper into social media marketing, check out this super helpful blog post Neil Patel just wrote at Quicksprout. 

Also, while I’m using my fill-in-the-blank sentence to get clarity around how I can better use Instagram, it can be used for anything - your blog, your newsletter, your Facebook page, etc.

Here's my answer:

I want to be your go-to Instagram feed whenever you’re in need of a little motivation, a confidence boost, a quick branding tip, or maybe just a heartfelt reminder that the world totally needs your gifts. 

You'll know when you've nailed your answer when the completed sentence feels light, fun, and simple (not boring or complicated), and sparks a flood of ideas for your next post. 

I hope you found this helpful. Now it's your turn. How would you finish the sentence? I’d love to know - email me or post in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by! XO