Email Scripts for Better Client Boundaries

Here you go! Below are 3 free scripts I created for you to steal, tweak or use just as they are. Got a question? Hit me up at Otherwise, feel free to copy and paste the below in your own document, or just bookmark this page. Happy boundary setting loves!  

Email #1: A current client is email you 24/7

Hi _______ !

It sounds like a lot is coming up for you since our last session. This is a good thing! The process of [insert here whatever you're working growth, writing, health goals, spiritual healing, etc.] can trigger a lot. Take a breath, and trust that the process is working. 

The last [email/question...] you sent me is a big topic, one best saved for our next session. This way we'll have enough time to dive into it fully.  

If you'd like to move up your next session so we can talk sooner, feel free to reschedule your appointment. Otherwise, I encourage you to write down any other big issues/questions that come up for you (journaling is great for this!) so we can jump right in address them more deeply in our session.  

Lots of love,


PS. If you're feeling like you're needing more support overall, we can definitely chat about upgrading you to my more intensive coaching package. You can learn about it here [LINK] [NOTE: Only offer this if it works for you!] 


Hi __________!

I'm so glad to hear about [whatever they mentioned in their last email to you.]  

At a quick glance, [provide an answer to their question in one short sentence.]  

I hope that helps! 

As you know, I'm all about serving my current paying clients to the highest degree possible. This means that unfortunately, I'm unable to provide more in-depth email support to former clients, as our work together has come to an end. [NOTE: If this paragraph feels too harsh to you, leave it out. It's really for those people who need it clearly spelled out.] 

If you're feeling like you need more support in this area, or you'd like to dive deeper into this, here's a link to my program for returning clients [LINK here, or describe offer]. Let me know if you have questions! 

Lots of love,


PS. You're also always welcome to post quick questions on my Facebook page, where everyone can benefit from the answers! [insert LINK - only if this is something you have, and you're open to it]

email #3: A non-client is excessively emailing you for free advice

Hi __________!

Thanks for your last email [If there have been others]. I always appreciate knowing what's going on for women who I most want to help in my business. 

In order to serve my current clients to the highest degree possible (it's kind of what I'm known for), I must focus my time and energy on serving them first and foremost. [Note: Similar to Email #2, feel free to leave this section out if it feels too aggressive.] 

It sounds like what you emailed about is a big issue for you right now. I understand what that's like. 

If this is something you want to work through with my full attention and support, I'd be honored to help! I currently have openings for [OFFER]. You can learn more here: [LINK]

If for any reason that doesn't speak to you, no problem. In that case, I suggest signing up for my free newsletter where I dish our free ideas and support (if you haven't already!) 




Now that your boundaries are clear, are your emails are ready to go, if you'd like some help getting clear on your brand message or marketing strategies (so you're attracting the RIGHT clients, and not the ones emailing you 24/7....) CLICK HERE to learn more about my current coaching program, the Business Lifestyle Method. If it speaks to you, we can set up a free 15-minute discovery call. XO