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Image credit: Inc Magazine

The 9 most inspiring podcasts for female entrepreneurs | 

"Aimed at emerging entrepreneurs, this podcast mixes interview-driven episodes and short, practical tip-based shows from host and branding coach Valerie Howard. Guests include experts from the media, web design, and marketing worlds, who deliver advice on building a cohesive brand for your company from its earliest days."

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Geekwire interview with Amazon manager & Entrepreneur MaryBeth Pecha 

What are you listening to? “NPR’s “how I built this” and the “Brand Ambition” podcast with Valerie Howard. Both are inspiring and informative as we experience the challenges in launching a side business with Persist the Game.”

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Danielle Atkisson

"Working with Valerie was a great experience! Not only is Valerie lovely and so kind, she is a powerhouse when it comes to advice. She was spot on with her encouragement and I know that it will help to take my business to the next level. I was amazed by how quickly we connected and were able to pinpoint specific tasks to elevate my business. She is an absolute delight!"

-Danielle Atkisson, graphic designer, The Silver Lining Design

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Erica Lee Strauss

"I was a hot mess in the brand department when I came to Valerie. I'd been doing the same thing for so long-–writing copy for small businesses–-but I didn't know what my own brand/message/platform was. Working with Valerie helped me see that I had options–-that I could turn my copywriting business into a business that not only made my clients happy, but made me happy. She gave me permission to start experimenting with new marketing strategies and new offers. I left our time together feeling excited about my brand and the future of my business, instead of feeling totally stuck and uninspired."

-Erica Lee Strauss, copywriter and editor, Erica Lee XO

 Photo credit: Caroline White

Photo credit: Caroline White

Dr. Nadia musavvir

"Hiring Val was one of the best choices I made for my brand! I had worked with other coaches and while the experience was fine, what set Valerie apart was her emphasis on the client rather than formulas. She's the kindest, most genuine person who's always going above and beyond what's expected of her. After working with her for a bit, I decided to go to Paris and that took our coaching to the next level. I don't know if it was the excitement of being in a place I had always dreamed of going but it changed EVERYTHING! She was able to see me, what I wanted for myself, for my brand, for my career and she helped me make that happen. The biggest thing for me, being someone who has always been more timid, was giving me the tools and the  confidence to just put myself out there. I am forever grateful for the experience and opportunity to work with Valerie." 

-Dr. Nadia Musavvir

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Heidi Brockmyer

"With Valerie's clarity, I totally revamped my image, brand messaging and my signature program. With her help, I made $27,000 right off the bat!! Valerie is so current and hip. She REALLY KNOWS HER BRANDING! I feel SO confident in the future of my business now. I'd recommend Valerie to anyone who wants to NAIL IT straight out the gate!!! I wish I had known her when I first started my business, I would have saved a ton of time and money!"


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JAred jackson dean

"Valerie helped me with my entire rebranding, marketing, and the launch of my signature online program. With her guidance, everything I created was cohesive and appealing to my ideal client.  I never knew how much was possible online until I started working with her. Expect five-star, high-quality work from Valerie Howard. She's the best!!!" 

-Jared Jackson Dean, Owner of Salon Eleven & Jared Jackson Dean Salon, and Founder of Stylist Bootcamp™, 

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Dr. Sarah Corey

"Signing up for Valerie's Business Lifestyle Method changed everything. I was super anxious about investing in myself this way, but it was beyond worth it. Like, beyond, beyondI honestly felt like I got 3x the value and, after our day together, it was like my business magically started growing and clients started showing up out of nowhere. Before working with Val, I knew I was meant for something bigger, but the details were fuzzy. I was stressed and felt like like I was always spinning my wheels. Thanks to her, I'm now making more money and feel excited for the future of my business. SO WORTH IT." 

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Zahra Haji

"Thanks to Val, I now make more money than ever before, and I have a business that fuels my soul, not the other way around. What I love about working with her especially is her strategy mind, and how she translates smart strategy into powerful copy and branding. I also love that she really listened and cared about my success. This made all the difference."   

-Zahra Haji, Director and Founder of Yoga Goddess

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