do you dread working with your current clients?

Let me just say, first and foremost, it doesn't make you a jerk. 

And chances are, your clients aren't jerks either.  

When you feel this way, It's just a sign your business needs some adjusting. :) 

It's also a sign that somewhere along the way, one of these things two things probably happened:


1. You've strayed from what you love.

Instead, you started saying YES to stuff out of fear of losing a paycheck. Stuff outside of your zone of genius. Stuff that eats up all of your precious time (when you could be building the business you really want!) When this happens, it's only natural to start feeling frustrated, resentful, and isolated.

The good news: There is a better way. In fact, I've created an entire coaching program to solve this very problem. You can check it out here. or click the link below to schedule a 15-minute discovery call.


2. you may need help creating (and keeping) better boundaries. 

Yup. Nothing can make you dread working with a client more than when she's trampling all over your boundaries. I'm talking clients who fail to pay on time, disappear after a couple of sessions, or email, call and text you constantly, even after you've stopped working together! 

And attempting to fix it and clarify your boundaries with your clients can be so nerve-wracking! You don't want to burn bridges or overreact, but you also can't go on like this.

What do you do!?!?

Start by stealing my 3 email scripts that'll help you create and keep better boundaries. Here's a look:

Email Script #1: When a current client is taking up way too much of your time in between sessions.

Email Script #2: When a former client is still emailing you with a ton of questions.

Email Script #3: When a non-client excessively emails you for free advice and coaching.