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Do you feel ready to take a leap, grow and expand, but you have no idea what to do first?

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about narrowing down your services, your message, or your target market?

Do you feel stressed by all things money related?

Do you feel frustrated, burned out and wishing you could just find your momentum already?

If you said yes to any of this….I feel you.

I was there too.

Filled with an inner knowing that NOW was my time, but no idea what to do next. My options felt limitless and overwhelming. Should I spend more money? Should I try to do it on my own? What exactly am I trying to do? And while I stayed stuck in my head, overthinking everything, I stressed that I was losing valuable time.

It wasn’t until I had a profound life experience (a few, really) that prompted me to devote a year of my life to working on my own shit so that I could move forward, stepping into my worth, and sharing my gifts with the world in a way that left me feeling totally supported.

When I look back, it all came back to clarity.

A return to self.

A return to source.

(Because, let’s be honest, if you knew how to get there, you’d be at that “next level” already.) 

So, what’s holding you back?

• Growing your income – and creating true financial stability
• Making a positive impact in the world (on a bigger scale than ever before)
• Feeling energized + inspired every single day – no compromises!
• Discovering your greater purpose, and living in full alignment with your truth
• Having more fun, connection and creativity in your day-to-day life

Here are a few of the biggest challenges I see hold women back:

Exhaustion & Burnout… 
Working harder instead of working smarter.

Self-Doubt and Comparison… 
Thinking everyone else is doing it better than you, so why bother?

Limiting Beliefs… 
Unconscious patterns that prevent you from getting what you want.

Holding yourself (and others) to an impossible standard.

Sitting alone at your computer, without the right coach + community to support you.

Strategy without Soul… 
Too much focus on goals + metrics. Not listening to your inner wisdom.

Can you relate to any of these? It’s tough to look at, I know.


  • Getting crystal clear on your vision – with an action plan that feels both doable AND exciting.

  • Putting systems in place to support you in growth and simplify, not adding more to your plate!

  • Facing your biggest obstacles and overcoming them – so they NEVER hold you back again.

  • Embracing self-care as a necessity (not a luxury!)... doing more of what fills your cup, so you can give to others from a place of overflow.

  • Being part of a community of women who truly see, support + celebrate you, while also holding you accountable to your greatness.

  • Expanding your leadership (or coaching skills) through training and observation of me supporting other powerful women in the program.

  • Making a quantum leap in your income + impact… and having FUN doing it!

That’s what this program is about.

What stories need to be stripped away so that you can hear your inner guide, your truth?

What memories and experiences need to be healed, so you can move forward boldly, confident and empowered by your vision?

What daily mindset shifts need to happen, to keep your attention and focus on the things that will ignite your soul, not dim your light?

What gifts are being called to come forward and be fully expressed by you, right now?

These powerful questions are just a starting point for where this program will take you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

6 modules and lifetime access to them (And any updated versions)

Lots of access to me via my private Facebook group.

1 30-minute intention setting call with me (to be used within 1 week of purchase)



. Here are a few of their stories:




you get 5 Live group coaching calls:

Call #1: Soul alignment. I will help you identify and remove the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Fears and thoughts like “Who am I to help people?” or “Who am I to make money doing this amazing thing that feels so easy and fun?!”

Call #2: Heal and Release. Heal past memories (stuff we picked up as kids) about work, money, and your role in the world and GUILT around charging for what you love to do. Then, I’ll help you rewrite the story.

Call #3: Rewrite the Story .at a deep, sincere level…that God, the Universe and all that is good is here to help you. You are fully supported to shine in this lifetime. The universe has your back.

Call #4: identify your joy and passion, and learn how to make a decision about what to choose “first”

Call #5: Let’s bring it all together. Who you are, your core message, your ideal clients, and what they need from you. Line all this up and you’ll have everything you need to just START.


1 30-minute, 1:1 Coaching Call with ME!

Guided Meditations

Weekly Homework

Community Support via my private Facebook Group

Feature 1

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This course is held completely online!

The six 50+ minute modules have been recorded for you.

You receive instant access to the 14 hours of bonuses upon enrollment.

You have completely unlimited replays + lifetime updates to this course.

Alumni tell me that they love to go through this course again and again.

You will receive access to all bonuses immediately upon enrolling.

Module One Opens for you on 2/15.

Check your email upon enrolling!

If you have any questions email