It's time to love your business   (and your life)

Are you waking up every morning dreading your inbox? Does the constant hustle for your biz have you feeling exhausted, uninspired and super stuck? 

Are you ready to love your business again?


Hey, I'm Val! 

I'm a branding and business coach on a mission to help entrepreneurs transition from where they are, to where they want to be, in business and life. 

I mean, why not have a business doing what your really love, clients you're obsessed with, and the money and freedom to work from anywhere?? 




>Free scripts! 

to help you set (and keep) client boundaries

Steal this! 3 perfect done-for-you email scripts that'll help you support your clients, while having a life at the same time!


Email #1: When a current client is taking up way too much of your time in between sessions.


Email #2: When a former client is still emailing you with a ton of questions.

Email #3: When a non-client excessively emails you for free advice and coaching. 



any of these sound familiar?

I have no idea what I stand for anymore, and my brand doesn't feel like me.


I spend all of my time hustling and I feel burned out. Should I even have this business?


I dread working with my current clients. Am I a terrible human being?